Dual USB Port Power Source Power Adapter for Makita ADP05 14.4-18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless





Compatible with Makita original 14.4V-18V Lithium battery.

* Charging for mobile phones, digital audio devices, tablet PC, USB fans, digital cameras, and small electronic devices.

* With a belt clip, easy to carry.

* With USB1, USB2 output 2.1A for quick charging.

Material: ABS, non-flammable material
Color: Blue
Input: 14.4V and 18V
Output: 5V 2.5A (MAX) 
Can Charge Battery Voltage: 14V to 18 V battery
Battery Type: Li-ion  
Adaptor for USB charging of mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablet PC and so on. 

Fit for Makit 14V power tool battery model 
194065-3, 194066-1, 194558-0, 194559-8, 195443-0, BL1e415, BL1430, JT6226, LGG1230, LGG1430, MAK1430Li, MET1821 

Fit for Makita 18V power tool battery model 
194204-5, 194205-3, 194230-4, 194309-1, BL1815, BL1830, BL1835, BL1840, BL1850, LXT400 

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