For Dewalt 18V XRP Battery 4.0Ah Replacement 4 Pack With DC9310 Battery Charger For Dewalt 7.2V-18V XRP Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh Battery

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DC9310 Battery Charger:

Compatible with Battery Model:

ForDEWALT 7.2V NiCad & NiMH Battery:

DE9057, DE9085, DW9057

ForDEWALT 12V NiCad & NiMH Battery:

152250-27, 397745-01, DC9071, DE9037, DE9071, DE9072, DE9074, DE9075, DW9071, DW9072

ForDEWALT 14.4V NiCad & NiMH Battery;

DC9091, DE9038, DE9091, DE9092, DE9094, DE9502, DW9091, DW9094

ForDEWALT 18V NiCad & NiMH Battery:

DC9096, DE9039, DE9095, DE9096, DE9098, DC9098, DW9096, DW9095, DW9098

Product Specifications:

1.Input: 110V-240V
2.Output: 7.2V-18V MAX DC 2A 
3.Fit Battery Type: NI-CD & NI-MH Battery
4.Brand: VANON
5.Warranty: 1 year


1.Advanced charging technology, universal 110V to 240V voltage input
2.Fast charger: 2.0 Ah batteries in 40-minutes, 4.0Ah batteries in 80-minutes or less.
3.Multifunctional charger: for 7.2V- 18V Dewalt NI-CD NI-MH Battery.
4. Diagnostics with LED indicator communicates battery charge status: charged, charging and battery too hot or too cold.
5. The durable and cooling system has the function of stable heat dissipation.

DC9096 DC9098 For Dewalt 18V Battery Replacement:

Replacement PN: 

DC9096, DE9039, DE9095, DE9096, DE9098, DW9095, DW9096, DW9098, DE9503

Compatible With: (use "ctrl+F" for fast charge)

  • For DeWalt Cordless Reciprocating, Jig, Circular, Chain, Band, and Table Saws: DWHT66387, DWHT55524, DWHT20123,DW938, DW936K, DW936, DW934K2HDW934
  • For DeWalt Cordless Drills and Drivers: DWST08203, DW997K-2, DW997, DW995, DW989, DW988KQ,DW987, DW960K-2
  • For DeWalt Cordless Nailers and Staplers: DC628K, DC618KA, DC618K, DC618, DC616K, DC608K, DC608B, D28493N
  • For DeWalt Cordless Screwdrivers: DC668KA, DC520KA
  • For DeWalt Cordless Impact Wrench: DW059KH-2, DW059K-2, DW059HB, DW059B, DW059, DW057N, DW057K-2, DW057K, DW056N
  • For DeWalt Rotary Hammers: DW999KQ, DW999K2H, DW999K-2, DW999K2, DW999K, DW999 DC213KB, DC212N, DC212KZ
  • For DeWalt Cut-Out / Cut-Off Tools: DCG411KL, DC550KA, DC550B, DC550, DC411KL DC411KA, DC411B
  • For DeWalt Grease Guns: DCGG570K, DCGG570B
  • For DeWalt Shears: DC495KA, DC495B, DC490KA, DC490B
  • For DeWalt Cordless Flashlights: DWFP12232, DWHT83185, DW919, DW918, DW908, DW906, DC527
  • For DeWalt Adhesive Dispensers: DC547B, DC547K, DC546K, DC546B, DC545K
  • For DeWalt Concrete Vibrator: DC530KA, DC530B

Item Specifics:
2.Capacity: 4000mAh
3.Battery Type: Ni-Mh
4.Color: Yellow 
5.Brand: Vanon
6.Package: carton
7.Warranty: 1 Year
8.Replace OEM P/N: For Dewalt DC9096

1. Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
2. High-quality replacement battery
3. Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.


Package Included:

1xDC9310 Charger for Dewalt 7.2V-18V

4×New upgraded for Dewalt 18V replacement battery

1 x User Manual

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