6Ah For Dewalt 20V Battery Replacement | DCB200 DCB205 Li-ion Battery 2Pack




[Newly Upgraded]

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  • Provides up to 33% longer run-time than standard 20V MAX battery packs
  • 3-LED Fuel Gauge System.
  • Compatible with the entire Line of DEWALT 20V MAX & 20V XR tools 

    Replace Original Dewalt Battery Code: (use"Ctrl+F" to find your own PN & Model)
    DCB180, DCB181, DCB182, DCB201, DCB201-2, DCB200, DCB200-2, DCB204-2, DCB205-2

    Compatible Models:
    DCD Series:
    DCD740, DCD740B, DCD740C1, DCD740N, DCD780, DCD780B, DCD780C2,DCD776
    DCD780L2, DCD785C2, DCD785, DCD785M1, DCD785N, DCD785M2, DCD795D2
    DCD985B, DCD985L2, DCD985XR, DCD980L2, DCD980M2
    DCF Series:
    DCF885C2, DCF885B, DCF883L2, DCF883B, DCF880C1-JP
    DCF880, DCF880M2, DCF880C1-JP
    DCF883B, DCF883L2, DCF883B
    DCF885, DCF885B, DCF885C2, DCF885L2, DCF885L2, DCF885N
    DCF895B, DCF895C2, DCF895L2 DCF895L2, DCF895 DCF895N
    DCG Series:
    DCG412, DCG412B, DCG412L2
    DCS Series:
    DCS331B, DCS331L1, DCS331L2, DCS331N, DCS380N
    DCS380L1, DCS381, DCS391B, DCS391L1,
    DCS393, DCS391L2, DCS391L1, DCS391N
    DCS391B, DCS381, DCS380L2, DCH214L2, DCK250P2

    Item specifics:
    2.Capacity: 6000mAh
    3.Battery Type: Li-ion
    4.Color: black and yellow
    5.Warranty: 1 Year
    6.Brand: VANON


    1. Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
    2. High-quality replacement battery
    3. Compatibility with the original
    4. Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
    5. No memory effect.

    1. Please use Battery Regularly and Charge Battery Completely.
    2.Don’t Leave Battery on Charger all the time;
    3. Please keep the battery Cool and Dry;
    4. Keep away from children.

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