We devoted ourselves to the wide range of power tool batteries, chargers and other digital batteries.
We Based on advanced technologies and the aim of satisfactory services,We has always been constantly improving in performance of the products.

~~~High quality products

~~~CE, FCC and ROHS certified

~~~Great customer service

~~~30-days money back guarantee



2015/2: Ceenr was created by Zhikui Chen. It majoyed in manufacturing and selling 6 name brands power tool battery replacement.

2017/8: Ceenr offered 12 name brands power tool battery replacement and multiple chargers, greatly enriched the battery species and provide more choices to meet the need of our customers.

2018/11: All our after-market battereis used Upgraded Cell developed by our own technology, greatly prolong the batteries' life and receive a good reputation among our cuatomers and battery market.

2020/4: Ceenr developed from a 50 members team to a 500 members teams. We have our product design team, product study experiment center ,constantly improved our battery's compatibility and quality , devoted to study environmentally friendly battery brand and has made great progress. 



We would tirelessly devoted to provide High quality battery but cost-effective, Inovative technology, good service and good service to make our customer 100% satisfied.